Avoiding negative reviews online

Avoiding negative reviews online

Avoiding negative reviews

We’ve spoken before about the importance of customer feedback, but are you aware of the important steps needed to prevent a customer from taking their complaint online?

No matter how on top of your game you are, sometimes things do not go as planned. A great business will recognize how to handle the situation: to prevent an ‘in the moment’ complaint from becoming an online deterrent for future potential consumers.

Online reviews have the ability to be incredibly damaging to businesses, especially to small companies that are reliant on consumer based websites to attract consumers.

What to do first?

Let the consumer rant. All they really want, first and foremost, is to be heard. By providing them a platform to rant, you are effectively providing them the opportunity to lessen their frustration. It is imperative that you show the consumer that you empathize with them- how would you feel if you were in the same situation?

Provide the necessities for customer complaints

Businesses need to make sure their staff are well trained in handling consumer complaints and creating a culture of openness. Make it easy for consumers to complain either in person, in writing or through a forum that does not require online posting. Re-channel your client’s frustration: by encouraging customer feedback you are more likely to find a solution to the problem at hand and have the consumer leave happy and ready to recommend you.

Win back the consumer

Depending on your type of business, you can still win back the consumer. Always make sure that you are the number one ambassador for your brand; negative reviews can be avoided with simple gestures. By making sure the consumer is happy, you can turn a potential negative review into a client for life. Some businesses allow for you, as the business owner, to exceed consumer expectations, such as leaving a thoughtful card/gift in a guest’s room in a hotel. Make sure to go that extra mile for your client. By providing a token of sincerity, you will prove to your consumers that you understand what customer service is.

Prevent negative online reviews with Braymark

It is also important that your staff records incidents of complaints in order prevent the same situation from reoccurring. Braymark’s Niagara mystery shopping program helps you engage with both your employees and your customers. Our Niagara mystery shoppers help to unlock the potential of your business in order to reach your goals sooner. Connect with us today to find out more about our personnel surveys and customer engagement services.

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