Customer service practices that put your spa on the best of list

Customer service practices that put your spa on the best of list

The key to running a successful spa business in Niagara is guest satisfaction. When your guests are satisfied it means that your spa understands the guest experience to its core. From atmosphere to products, staff attitudes to pricing, every big and small thing that makes your spa run is a noticeable factor in a guests experience of your business.

What makes one spa stand out from the next? It’s the thorough understanding of what their customer wants. Here are three things that you can do to make sure your spa sits on the best of lists.

Maintain a customer focused atmosphere

What is the culture, ambiance, and style of your salon? Does it reflect the people employed, the services offered and the products stocked? What makes the atmosphere of your salon stand out for a guests?

The look and overall atmosphere of your spa markets to guests from the minute they walk into your salon. If the music is too loud, the workstations uncleanly, the products out of stock or the workers unhappy a customer will know and this will affect their satisfaction level immediately. Keeping a focus on the customers satisfaction levels will show how much you value their buy-in to your spa.

Assess the customer service levels of each employee

Guests come to a spa to be pampered. To provide that pampering experience, you need to hire employees that are skilled in the services you offer but also have an attitude that guests respond to. The attitudes of your employees touch on and reflect every aspect of your business. The customer service level offered by each employee should be evaluated periodically to ensure quality expectations are matched across the board. Ultimately a guest will return and pay for more services at your spa if they enjoyed the rapport with your employee and felt that there was fair value in the services they received.

Some spas encourage high-end service from their employees by implementing:

  • bonus structures
  • employee evaluations
  • regular customer service training sessions

Embrace customer feedback

Spa’s who rank on the ‘best of lists’ are there because they’ve listened to and then implemented what customers want and they continue to do so by embracing feedback. You can’t be successful if you are not providing what your customers want. Spa’s can develop surveys and questionnaires, maintain a trip advisor page or encourage engagement with customers of social media sites.


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