How to Hire the Best Secret Service Shopper Company

How to Hire the Best Secret Service Shopper Company

Your company has finally decided to hire a secret service shopping company to truly understand the needs, expectations and views of your unique customer base.

Hiring a secret service shopping company for your business has many business perks, including allowing employees to better understand the needs, views and experiences that customers expect, as well as business strengths. To understand the benefits of hiring a secret service shopping company visit our recent blog, The Benefits of Hiring a Mystery Shopping Company.

This is an exciting moment for your business because you will be fulfilled with real results that reflect data from your business, and can finally find out which components of your customer service experience are truly outstanding, and which components need to be reevaluated for service.

Here is our checklist of what to look for when hiring a secret service shopping company:

This basic information check will provide you with the information that you need to know to determine if this is the right company for your business.

Reputable history

Investigate the company you are looking to hire to determine who their clientele is and if they have a reputable reputation for proven results within your industry. Ensure they have a strong foot within the industry of your business by asking to see previous customer results, a company who is successful will be more than happy to share positive results.

Company principles

Does the company you are looking to hire align with your current business principles? This will tell you right away if hiring them will be a good fit, business to business. Aligning business mantras is an easy way to determine if your business will get along will with the secret service shopping company you are looking to hire, will allow business to run smoothly and will allow you to further enjoy the experience.

What is their market niche?

Before hiring a secret service shopping company, ensure they are the expert in the field in which you do business in. By selecting a secret shopping company that targets a specific market, you can ensure that they are very knowledgeable in the industry, and can create meaningful results by knowing exactly what they are talking about.

Method of reporting

Hiring a secret service shopping company is an investment in your business, therefore, you want to ensure that you hire a company that will deliver not only the best results but results that will provide you with maximum information. To determine this, you want to select a mystery shopping company that will develop a program to satisfy your company’s needs.

  • What type of reporting software does the company use and is it accessible to clients?
  • Do they allow for customization to capture unique business needs?
  • How quickly are results shared with staff?


Ensure secret shoppers fit customer profiles

This will confirm that the secret shoppers within your establishment do not stand out as secret service shoppers, they blend in as customers allowing them to better perform their job, creating better business results. A professional company will ensure things that your business may not even think about in order for the secret shopping to be performed successfully- such as educating shoppers on services, everyday transactions and unique situations for your establishment.

We hope this list has equipped you with information to help you decide how to select the best secret shopping service company for your business needs that is unique to your establishment. When in doubt, Braymark can answer all your questions regarding how to select the best secret shopping services for the hospitality and tourism sector. The Braymark approach to secret service shopping allows businesses to see their company better through the eyes of their guests and helps businesses grow through the various touch points of measurement satisfaction.
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