Using customer service to make your attraction memorable

Using customer service to make your attraction memorable

Sure, customers will come through your attraction and have a good time, but what happens after? Even if the sale has been made, ensuring your customer has a valuable experience and one that they can remember should be a top priority for your business. Customers have a tendency of remembering the little things more than the good service received, and these little things can go a long way when you want to bring them back. A focus on high standards of customer service is great, but not the only answer. 

As an attraction, you want to be able to attract people away from your competition while also getting your information out to the public about the experience you offer. Word-of-mouth and social media are great tools to be used when trying to achieve these objectives. And what better way to enhance word-of-mouth and your brand on social media than giving your customer the ‘Total Customer Experience‘ that they can’t help but talk about.


Here are three ways you can ensure your customers leave your attraction with a lasting impression and get more people interested in the experience you’re offering:


Corporate culture benefits customer service

Creating a corporate culture that encourages openness and enjoyment, you provide your employees with a work experience that will reflect onto their customer service. Happy employees can help create happy customers. Establishing a leadership team that does this while also putting the customer experience at the top will create that corporate culture that can give your customers the best experience. A smile on your employee’s faces can put a smile on your customer’s faces.


Let your customers shape the experience

Customer feedback is a great way to improve your customer service and discover where the problems lie in the process. Customer feedback surveys or listening to the conversations happening on social media can help your attraction better understand customers thoughts. Making social media channels to allow customers to post on reduces the amount of complaints that go unaddressed and gives you the opportunity to discuss with customers how you can make the experience better for them.

Reaching out to customers on these platforms is also a great way to build brand engagement. Running contests or promotions are great ways to encourage customers to get involved and can benefit your online word-of-mouth. Being proactive is a great way to let customers know you’re online with them, giving them a level of comfort and enhancing the overall experience with the brand. The experience doesn’t stop at the end of the attraction.



Continually strive to improve

Providing good customer service is something that can’t be done if you’re passive once systems are in place. Customer service can always be improved as new customers come and old customers change preferences, and ensuring you’re up to date with your customer’s interests can help you maximize profit. Constantly measuring your progress in terms of customer engagement and customer satisfaction can help you track the effectiveness of your methods and see where adjustments are made. Mystery shoppers are also a great way to address these concerns and give an unbiased opinion on your business methods.


As previously discussed, good customer service can go a long way and although it may take longer while delivering tasks, it can ensure customer loyalty in the future. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to have Braymark provide your establishment with a true sense of how your customer service is ranking, and exactly which aspects of your services need to be addressed, through the investment of a customer service experience audit.

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