Use staff engagement to enhance guest experiences

Use staff engagement to enhance guest experiences

Staff Engagement

With the number of accommodation options available to travelers, it is important for Ontario hoteliers to deliver unique customer service and experiences that stand out in a crowd. In the hospitality industry, we know that guests are often outside their comfort zone and want a place to call home. To better satisfy your customers, go back to basics and make them feel like family, not customers. Start your own unique customer service program with your employees to enrich your guests’ experiences.

Employ a task force

Find the employees that excel at increasing guest service and engagement and start a task force. This can include anyone who might play an essential role in your strategy — marketing, advertising, operations, human resources, front line staff. If you are aiming to make people be happy and feel like family, train and appoint people who can deliver this high-level of customer service. Determine what the service goals should be and how everyone in your company can work together to better achieve them.

Train, train, train

Employees improve through education and training, so incorporate training sessions that motivate and inspire your employees to reach the goals the task force has established. Work to teach your employees how to improve interaction and customer service and invest in the expertise that is a perfect fit for your company culture and guest experience goals.

You will experience many situations in the future where the tips from the trainings will be instrumental in improving yoru employees’ interactions with guests. Make sure that your employees understand the importance of these training sessions and are engaged in the training so that they can implement what they learn on a daily basis.

Evaluate and measure success

Once your training is complete, be sure to evaluate customer satisfaction and guest experiences on a regular basis. Look at both qualitative and quantitative research to truly learn about how your business is performing in the eyes of your customers. Asking for feedback doesn’t have to be intimidating — if you have been engaged in improving, you will improve.

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