Using the customer service definition to enhance guest experiences

Using the customer service definition to enhance guest experiences

Although the dictionary definition of customer service may be “the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services,” how the assistance and advice are provided isn’t addressed. Understanding the complete customer service definition and how to apply it to your business can enhance your brand and improve your customer service standards.

With customers having more of a voice now than ever before due to social media and the rest of the internet, brands are striving for transparency. Good customer service is an important asset for any successful business, and attaining a high level can be difficult if there’s a lack of direction.


The customer service definition starts with employees

Improving customer service starts with your organizational culture. Having a set of 10 or fewer core values that include customer service ideals are great to have employees better understand what your business standard is. Using these values as evaluative tools are great for assessing and training employees. Training sessions dedicated to customer service can also help your employees better understand what is expected of them.

Employees take more responsibility when they know they’re appreciated. People who don’t feel like they’re a part of a bigger picture aren’t usually willing to go the extra mile. Rather than generous pay and benefits, offering small tokens of appreciation like recognition and crew parties can also go a long way.



Solving the customer problem correctly

With 72% of respondents on one survey blaming their biggest frustrations on having to address an issue to multiple employees at different times, responding to customers properly is important for good customer service. Ensuring your employees are reacting to customer agitation appropriately is key, and using a calmer tone in these situations is important.

Spending more time listening and less talking is one of the most important skills to have when solving customer problems. Asking open-ended questions can help bring to the forefront what the customer wants from the situation. If the solution to the problem isn’t something your business can provide, point them to an establishment who can, which also demonstrates a high level of customer service.


Exceptional customer service includes appreciation

Appreciation is a great form of customer service as it usually includes going above and beyond the call of duty for most brands. Appreciation is usually demonstrated through forms of communication, whether it be face-to-face thank you’s, or a Birthday card, letting customers know you care is a great way for customer retention.

Loyalty/rewards programs tend to drive repeat business and gives you the chance to provide extra appreciation to your bigger customers. Providing incentives to your customers can enhance loss prevention strategies and improve your brand reputation when compared with competitors.


How mystery shopping fits with the customer service definition

Mystery shopping is a great tool to use when analyzing your employee training methods. Mystery shoppers can identify weak points within the customer experience process and help improve training to fix them. They’re also great for putting employees in stress situations and evaluating how they react. This will help better understand common customer problems and the best route to go about solving them. Mystery shoppers are also great for critiquing levels of satisfaction through the experience, as they can evaluate your satisfaction levels compared to your competitors.

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