5 reasons why people are choosing boutique hotels

5 reasons why people are choosing boutique hotels

Boutique Hotels

Finding the right hotel is important to travellers. Whether they are travelling for business or pleasure, guests are looking for specific features and experiences when selecting their hotel. When guests are looking for something smaller, something more intimate- they look for boutique hotels. Boutique hotels are a rapidly growing sector and can offer a truly unique experience. As certain travellers flock towards the boutique market, is your hotel appealing to their travel needs? Today, we will discuss five reasons why people are choosing boutique hotels and why you need to ensure that your hotel is offering the best experience to your guests.

What is a boutique hotel?

Boutique hotels are small, typically between 10 and 100 rooms. Anything smaller would likely be categorized as a B&B or inn, while anything larger would be considered a standard hotel, quite possibly as part of a chain. Smaller hotels feel like independent and unique hotels, even if they are a boutique chapter of a larger brand. Boutique hotels possess specific characteristics that engage travellers and provide a unique experience.

What are travellers looking for?

Local feel:

  • Keep the style of your hotel rich with the flavour of your local environment. You can enhance the guest’s experience by offering a unique, local experience.


  • Boutique hotels tend to be located in cities or special resorts, which allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the local environment.


  • Atmosphere is a significant factor of smaller hotels. It combines the decor, ambiance, and even the mind set of your employees. Guests seek to experience a specific atmosphere, depending on the reason for their trip.

Unique experiences:

  • As a smaller property, you have the ability to offer your guests experiences they would otherwise not necessarily find in larger hotels, such as wine & cheese tastings.

Personal touch: 

  • As a smaller hotel proprietor, your hotel allows you to have more interactions that impact your guest. Travellers return to boutique hotels for outstanding service- something they may not expect at a larger hotel.

The proof is in the personal touch

As a growing sector, your smaller hotel offers unique experiences for travellers looking to enjoy what your town or city has to offer. An important aspect of what draws people towards smaller hotels is the personal touch. If guests find that the personal touch in your hotel is substandard, they are much more likely to not become a repeat guest than they would at a chain hotel. When guests provide feedback at your hotel, you are able to act faster and implement changes that establish a personal connection with your guests.

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