A Niagara mystery shopper can improve the customer experience

A Niagara mystery shopper can improve the customer experience

Niagara Mystery Shopper

Are you noticing that you have difficulty attracting or retaining customers to your business? Have you personally taken a look only to decide that your business is running smoothly, leaving you essentially scratching your head trying to make sense of the situation? While your business may appear to be operating efficiently to you, that does not mean that your customers are seeing it the same way. A customer’s view can completely alter the way that you operate your business- but how can you get a genuine reaction that doesn’t require an online comment that might deter future guests? Look no further than a mystery shopper! A mystery shopper program is one of the most effective ways to evaluate your business’s customer service skills and the customer’s experience.

Just what is a mystery shopper?

Mystery shopping programs objectively evaluate a multitude of different aspects of your business. You can effectively narrow down the program to evaluate aspects that you feel are most important to your business. In the hospitality business, for example, it is crucial to examine customer service, cleanliness, and telephone interactions.

Mystery shoppers are sent to your company on a regular basis and conduct business as if he or she was just a regular customer. The shoppers are trained to know the proper aspects to look for, which a regular customer may overlook. When they have concluded their visit, they prepare a detailed report for you to examine. That report gives you the opportunity to review your internal processes and determine what is and isn’t working for your business.

A mystery shopper can improve your business’s customer service

Mystery shopping programs can highlight the professionalism and credibility of your team- customers can be sold on more than just products, they are also sold on the credibility of your employees. By informing your employees that you will be bringing in a “secret shopper report” and allowing them to read a rough draft, you can ensure that all of your employees are operating under your brand’s standard of customer service.

The mystery shoppers offer constructive feedback to determine if something is working or not. From there, you can pinpoint the specific areas of your business that require attention and make the necessary corrections to improve the quality of your business and the overall customer experience.

The right company can make the difference

It’s been said that for every one customer that complains, there are four more who have said nothing. When that one customer speaks up, often times it is too late and they take their complaint online. Negative online reviews can hinder your ability to attract new customers and can negatively impact your business. Mystery shoppers allow you to catch problems earlier on. If something is not working, you do not need to become aware of the issue when it is too late. A mystery shopper will record the issue in their report, providing you with details on what is and isn’t working in your business.

Braymark can customize your program to your specific business needs with our guest experience audit. By customizing your Niagara mystery shopping program, you will be able to achieve the benchmarks that you want your mystery shopper program to achieve. Our Niagara mystery shoppers have significant hospitality and service industry experience and are trained and assigned according to your business to ensure that you receive a report that will help improve your business.

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