Why a guest experience audit can improve your spa

Why a guest experience audit can improve your spa

It’s important to look past what you may think clients are expecting when they come to your spa and exceed those expectations by delivering on the guest experience and more. If your customer service standards are underwhelming, it can hurt your business in the long run and prevent you from having a steady set of returning customers. Creating a guest experience audit is a great way to collect the data you need to implement changes where necessary.

Utilizing a mystery shopping company such as Braymark is a great way to ensure the success of these audits. However, friends, professionals, trusted business advisors, and the customers themselves are also great options for collecting the feedback you need to provide exceptional customer service.


Start with the Internet

The customer experience begins even before they walk in the door. Most of us will take to the Internet when making a purchase decision, whether it’s a spa day, restaurant, hotel stay etc., we search up our options using search engine tools like Google. Try typing in the keywords that a potential client would use to find your business and record what you find. Since Google is constantly changing its algorithm it’s important to stay aware of your place on the search results. Keep in mind that if your competitors are positioned higher on search engines potential clients are more likely to inquire about their offerings first.


Ask your customers

There’s nobody who knows the guest experience quite like your guests. Asking your customers for a guest experience audit is a great way to collect data and evaluate what areas of your spa are most pleasing and which ones need some improvement. Be sure to ask them about:

  • Making a reservation
  • The spa – overall ambiance, decor, music, cleanliness, etc.
  • Product offerings – quality, results, etc.
  • How likely they will recommend your spa
  • Potential enhancements they’d like to see
  • Overall customer service – did it meet or exceed their expectations


Using mystery shoppers for your guest experience audit

Guests can give you a good idea of their experience, however with the data collected you’ll often only touch the surface of what is needed to enhance guest experiences. A mystery shopping audit can help set standards to evaluate, objectively report on how those standards are being carried out, and ultimately help your spa zero in on the areas of weakness. The regular feedback provided by a mystery shopper can give you a better idea of what the guest goes through from start to finish at your spa and what area’s you can better utilize to improve their experience with you.


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