How Secret Shoppers can Change your Business

How Secret Shoppers can Change your Business

If you’ve ever been curious about how customers really see your business, aside from reviews on TripAdvisor, hiring a secret shopper is a smart choice for your business. That is because secret shoppers provide an unbiased customer based response to their experience with your business. The information that they provide can give a company the key to customer experience improvement.  

Secret shoppers are changing businesses around the world every day, here’s how.


They provide an unbiased look at a customer’s experience

The way you see your own business operate is not always the same in the eyes of the customer. When a secret shopper walks into your place of business, they go through the entire customer experience process and leave with enough information for you to gauge customer satisfaction. Secret shoppers visit tens of businesses each year, much like yours, the flaws or areas of improvement that they see can help to not only improve, but stand out from the competition.


They identify what needs improvement

Your ultimate goal should be to improve upon what you do. Areas of improvement are easy to identify in a secret shopper’s report. You can then focus on implementing new processes and improving upon established ones. If you feel there is a total gap in your customer’s experience but are not sure what it is, you will find out where from the report.


They can show you the strengths (and weaknesses) of your employees

How do your employees behave when a manager is not around? It’s an important question because it could directly affect the level of customer service being offered at your place of business. A secret shopper can describe to you their direct experience interacting with your employees, it is their job to provide the names and interactions with each employee that they interact with.  

The information contained in a secret shoppers report will tell you which employees need improvement and will provide you with insight on the type of employee you need to look for during future hires.


The Braymark approach

Braymark offers a hands-on approach that allows businesses to see their company through the eyes of their guests within the hospitality and tourism sector. The Braymark team specializes in auditing the dining, spa, accommodation and the attraction sectors to maximize businesses’ outcomes. Through the Braymark approach, businesses can identify their success, growth and revenue opportunities to maximize business needs, and ultimately grow.

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