Is your restaurant giving your guests what they want?

Is your restaurant giving your guests what they want?

Is your restaurant giving your guests what they want?

Have you determined what your customers want from your restaurant? If you’re operating in the public sphere, seeing through your guest’s perspective is indispensible. Your guests can see shortcomings that you yourself cannot. Details can be missed and poor attitudes gone unnoticed by you and your staff. Don’t assume that because your restaurant is doing well, your customers are happy. Today we’ll examine five things that customers are looking for in your restaurant.

What do customers want?

Customer needs change based on a large amount of factors, including location, season, and even personality. However, there are factors that all customers are looking for. We have assembled five examples of factors that your restaurant cannot be without:

  1. Your guests want to feel welcomed. Your restaurant has eight seconds to make a first impression. Generally, it is your hostess who accomplishes this task. With the first point of contact, the hostess can set the tone for the entire evening. Is someone waiting to greet your guests? Are guests standing around, looking for someone to take notice of them?
  2. A clean and well-organized restaurant. You may forget the impact that your building has on your customers. Are the acoustics in your restaurant too loud? Is it too cold or too warm? Is your décor sending the wrong message? These little thoughts can have a big impact on attracting return guests. Paying attention to all the details, both big and small, shows your guests that you take pride in your restaurant and care about their experience.
  3. Thoughtful, suggestive and kind servers. The appearance and behaviour of your service staff stands out to your guests. Service is a crucial factor for your restaurant. How many online reviews have you read where the guest cannot forgive bad service? You need to make sure that your servers are trained well and have a strong focus on guest satisfaction.
  4. A clear and concise website. Potential guests want to be able to find out information about your restaurant- and quickly! A great website has the ability to draw customers in, while a cluttered, non-mobile friendly, site can deter guests completely.
  5. Value! Guests are looking for value with the food, the location and the entire customer experience. However, value does not mean cheap. Your guests want to be sold on the whole experience, guests are willing to spend more when there is quality and value to the experience you are selling them.

Gain a new perspective on your business

It is important for you to find a way to take time to see through your customer’s eyes. By connecting with your guests and giving them what they want, you will improve their experience. People have a better experience when they are enjoying themselves. They are more likely to become a return guest and recommend your restaurant to their friends, family and to their online social contacts. However, in the restaurant business, it is very difficult to separate yourself from your own business.

Are things running smoothly or do you want them to be? Mystery shoppers can offer you a new view on your restaurant. Braymark’s Niagara mystery shopper program allows you to set the parameters of what will be measured to ensure that you can fully utilize your guest’s view.

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