These 5 attractions industry trends are improving customer services

These 5 attractions industry trends are improving customer services

The attractions industry is in a constant state of change as new technologies and customer demands influence the level of innovation attractions need to implement to improve customer services. There are many trends in 2016 across all sectors of the attractions industry that are worth looking at to ensure your customer service strategies are effective. Here are some trends that are related to customers now wanting experiences that are high quality, personalized, new and shareable. 


Virtual and augmented reality experiences

Virtual reality (VR) offers a new type of experience and the quality improvements in hardware have lead to theme parks adapting this technology for both customer experiences and planning attractions and construction. VR can revitalize an old ride with significantly less investment than a brand new one. Augmented reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of the real world augmented by computer-generated sensory input and has already seen investment from giants like Google.


Mobile technology

Smartphones are taking over yet another industry as attractions are looking for the best way to integrate mobile technologies to improve customer service standards. Other mobile technologies like radio frequency wristbands, smart apps, ticketing, parking, and digital payment are all examples of how technology is taking over processes in the industry. Disney’s Magic Bands have simplified processes, yet with technology revolutionizing at such a pace they no longer seem as innovative.



Brands are looking to enhance guest experiences with attractions due to the growth of internet shopping taking away from physical shopping time. Brands are using this opportunity to edutain kids while their parents are shopping, and simulators such as artificial surf parks are great opportunities to tie in retail space around simulators for related brands.


Customization can enhance customer services

Guests value unique experiences technology is helping deliver these in the attractions industry. Going back to mobile technologies, they’re great tools for allowing customers to tailor the experience to the way they want it, picking and choosing the content they wish to see. Customer services can be enhanced with these tools and interactors – actors who engage with the audience to further the story of said attraction.


DIY experiences

One of the biggest phenomenon in this aspect is escape rooms. DIY experiences let the customers once again customize their experience, and create their own memories through active entertainment rather than passive. DIY experiences are a great way to encourage communication and conversations, and the feeling of going technology-less for however long probably benefits this type of experience.

Although understanding the trends in your industry is a great tool to have for enhancing customer services, getting the right feedback for your specific attraction(s) is also important. Choosing Niagara’s best secret shopper company Braymark for your secret shopping can help provide you with the guest feedback you need to innovate your brand, and discover what you need to improve your customer satisfaction levels.

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