The Benefits of Hiring a Mystery Shopping Company

The Benefits of Hiring a Mystery Shopping Company


Hiring a secret shopping company to evaluate your customer service needs, whether in the tourism, hospitality or dining industries, can be highly beneficial for business growth. You will receive factual information and analyzed data that will reflect what is currently taking place within your establishment to better drive results, improve areas of weakness and enhance overall guest experiences.

Here are a few tips and tricks that your business can benefit from when you choose to hire a mystery shopping consultant in Ontario:

See your business from the customer’s’ point of view

Hiring a secret shopping company can allow your business to better understand the needs, views and experiences customers expect. This snapshot of your current customer service may offer your business the data you need to adapt to the true needs of your clientele. This information will also identify business strengths, that is what aspects of your customer service are truly outstanding, and what components are lacking, to truly create a great experience for customers.

By assessing customer service at various touch points within an organization, businesses are better able to highlight components of their establishment that need to be focused on such as:

  • What is most memorable to guests
  • Staff performance
  • Accessibility
  • Customer standards
  • Customer service approach
  • Loss prevention strategies
  • Assessment of quality and presentation of food

These are just a few of the key components to customer service and experience that a secret shopping company may be able to offer to  your customer service establishment.

Looking to grow? Find out what you are doing right first

Have a secret shopping company come into your establishment to examine what exactly your company strengths are. This can help determine what exactly are your points of weakness and how those can be strengthened. A secret shopping consultant will determine the following, for example:

  • Assessment of quality of service by team members
  • Cleanliness of establishment
  • Staff performance
  • Revenue opportunities

Strive for more

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” – Jim Rohn  

Go above and beyond industry standards to truly make a lasting impression on customers, who will then become loyal guests, and don’t just strive to “get the job done”, strive for excellence.

Quality feedback vs. customer feedback

Have you ever implemented a suggestions box in the lobby of your foyer or had comment cards collected after a guest’s’ visit? Usually, the feedback from these methods of receiving input are not very high, however, we cannot blame our guests. Sometimes guests let us know that they have enjoyed their experience through word of mouth, tips or returning, however, it is difficult to analyze results with these methods to implement impressive change, or indicate weak points.

That is where a secret shopping company comes in. Because they have the ability to produce factual data, through audits and methods of reporting to determine the information that businesses need to meet the needs of customers as well as employees.

The Braymark approach

Braymark offers a unique hands-on approach that allows businesses to see their company through the eyes of their guests within the hospitality and tourism sector, leading to results and reliability. The Braymark team specifically focuses on dining, spa, accommodation and the attraction sectors to maximize businesses’ outcomes through audits and surveys. Through the Braymark approach, businesses can identify their success, growth and revenue opportunities to maximize business needs, and ultimately grow.
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