Is hiring a secret shopper worth it?

Is hiring a secret shopper worth it?

If you own a business that operates in the hospitality or accommodation industry you will know that the success of your business hinges on the satisfaction levels of your customers. When you look at your own business to evaluate what is working and what is not working can you really see your business through the same lens as the customer sees it?

We are often too shrouded in our investments to really see our business in a light that shines on the glaring customer service problems. The best way to evaluate your business is through a fresh, autonomous perspective. Is hiring a secret shopper worth it? If you are ready to understand the customer’s perspective of your business and make the necessary improvements to enhance customer experiences, then yes hiring a secret shopper is worth it.

Why should I hire a secret shopper?

When a secret shopper delivers a thorough customer centric report about your business they deliver you the opportunity to increase customer loyalty, sales, service and training. When you hire the right secret shopper, you are hiring someone with industry expertise who knows your competitors in and out and genuinely understands what makes a successful customer service program tick for businesses. It’s through this expertise that you can learn how your business can reach the next level.


Will my business see a difference in revenues and customer loyalty?

Secret shoppers will deliver a thorough guest experience audit and recommendations for improvement. It is then up to you and your associates to implement solutions for these findings. If you do implement the solutions you will see an increase in revenues and again, customer loyalty.

Many secret shopper companies also offer a quality assurance programs, where they can help you implement the right training for employees to help standardize and improve your customer service approach.


Who are the best Mystery Shopping companies?

The best secret shopping companies are those that are transparent in what the experience will entail. They offer a powerful reporting system and those reports are compiled by auditors that are well versed in your industry and your competitors.

The best mystery shopping companies offer:

  • thorough experience with your industry
  • comprehensive online reports
  • quality employee and customer experience auditors


The best reward for businesses who hire a secret shopper company like Braymark, is that when you receive your report, your growth and revenue opportunities will be laid out and you then have the resource to scale your business and operations.

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