How to increase revenues with Secret Shopper feedback

How to increase revenues with Secret Shopper feedback

There are many benefits to hospitality businesses that use secret shoppers to monitor customer experiences. The most valuable of those benefits is that a secret shoppers feedback can help you increase your revenues.

Mystery shoppers enter your business to analyze customer interactions,  staff performance, and the buyers experience. What they deliver after that analysis is a thorough report on what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. It’s how owners, marketers, sales teams and HR reps take that feedback and apply it to improving training programs, buyer cycles and guest experience procedures that make a difference to revenues.

Here’s how hospitality based businesses are increasing revenues with secret shopper feedback.


They’re implementing new point of sale opportunities

Secret shoppers are hospitality industry experts. They’ve been to your competitors, they know who is doing what right and where your opportunities for sales are missing. From the buying process on your website to the questions your customer service employees are asking to where you are falling short on upsell opportunities. These opportunities will be identified in the secret shoppers final report.


They’re improving staff performance with new training programs

A customers experience determines their entire opinion of your business and much of their opinion about your business is based on their interactions with your employees. A mystery shopper evaluates each employee that they interact with. If an employee gives less than adequate service it will be recorded, if all employees are missing the mark this is recorded too. Smart owners take the low points and turn them into high points by retraining employees and implementing customer service performance expectations. Happy employees mean happy customers.


They’re improving product and service areas that have negative reviews

It’s not only the secret shoppers feedback you should be listening to but also any online reviews. The reviews of both sources simply point to areas where you can improve. Negative reviews are the best opportunity for businesses to rethink their strategy. Are people leaving your website because it is too hard to book an appointment? Is your restaurant losing business over a $20 burger because a similar restaurant steps away sell theirs for $12? These kinds of reviews demonstrate a competitive benchmark. You can track what customers like/dislike about the services or products you offer versus those of your competitors and then position your business for the competitive advantage.


A smart organization knows how to take feedback and apply it to improving their business. Whether it be from a product or a customer service standpoint, your revenues will increase when you concentrate on improving the overall customer service experience. Embrace feedback and position your business for a competitive advantage with the help of the Braymark mystery shopping program.

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