Mystery diners are changing the restaurant industry

Mystery diners are changing the restaurant industry

When people come into your restaurant they’re looking for more than just great food, they want a memorable experience too. Mystery diners can help you establish a high level of service to ensure customer retention, as hospitality is something many customers look for when dining.

Mystery diners are changing the restaurant industry, giving restaurants the opportunity to obtain impartial consumer feedback regarding experiences when dining. Establishing a measurement strategy with a mystery dining company can help you effectively collect the information needed to enhance your restaurant and give your customers the experience they want. Here are some ways mystery diners are affecting the restaurant industry, and why you should look to hire a mystery diner to enhance your restaurant’s overall performance.


Loss prevention strategies     

Timing is everything, especially in the restaurant industry. When customers arrive they have certain expectations about wait times to be seated, to be served, etc. Mystery diners can help provide information regarding these times, and give you a better idea of which areas need the most improvement. Other areas of loss prevention are the amount of meals/desserts that need to be comped because of errors, and improper measurements for liquor pours resulting in lost money. Mystery shopping can be a cheaper alternative for data collection and feedback, giving you the answers you want to ensure loss prevention.


Mystery diners can enhance guest experiences

Customer service, atmosphere, and decor are just important as the menu, and mystery diners are usually primarily focused on these traits, with the food itself being a secondary focus. Mystery diners can provide your business with the unidentified and unannounced presence that can collect appropriate information without any bias. Mystery diners are great at blending in with the natural setting of the restaurant, and with this, they have the ability to conduct an extended campaign of mystery shopping to collect more concrete data that can contribute towards implementing a stronger customer service program. Along with this, mystery shopping companies can help provide strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, helping you understand what you need to do to stand out and provide the best experience possible.


Creating stress test situations

Employees knowing that a mystery diner may show up at any time can help ensure your employees are providing customers with the best possible service knowing that they could be evaluated at any time. Restaurant mystery shoppers also have the ability to create situations that stress your employees to see how they react. These stress tests can help you collect the data needed to adjust your training strategy to improve overall employee performance. These situations and other research ideas are tools that mystery diners bring to the table if you’re having problems coming up with new ideas.


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