The feedback to expect from a secret shopper audit

The feedback to expect from a secret shopper audit

If you own a hospitality or a tourism based business you’ve probably heard about the merits of a secret shopper audit.

Secret shopping audits are powerful research tools that provide you with the feedback that you need to improve customers service and employee training operations, increase sales and customer loyalty and overhaul customer experience levels.

Here’s the type of feedback you can expect from a secret shopper audit.


Guest satisfaction data

A secret shopper audit will give you concrete data in relation to the voice of your customers. With the right in-depth questions answered you will be able to interpret customer feedback to identify areas of success and needs improvement.

Quality of property

Mystery shoppers look at your property with fresh eyes as well as the expert knowledge of hospitality properties like yours in the local market. Cracks you may not see stand out to them and can help to bring perspective to your rank and quality amoung the competition.


Revenue Opportunities

What are the holes in your sales process? Where are you losing potential guests? Are your products, prices or layouts appealing to your customers? Do your competitors provide better customers service or sales on the front line?  Price points are no longer the bottom line, you need these questions and others answered to find opportunities for revenue generation.


Upselling opportunities

Upselling is another great opportunity to expand your revenue, are your employees actively and furthermore consistently upselling? Have you identified all areas for expansive revenue with your products? Your mystery shopper audit feedback will identify opportunities for upsell.

Powerful report dashboard

Mystery shopping companies like Braymark, provide reports like the Braymark Total Feedback Index. These reports detail in full the data collected by your secret shoppers.  Parameters are set by your business through the mystery shopping companies guidance and are accessible by your top staff online.


Braymark Services’ Niagara mystery shoppers are personally recruited and trained by us and are assigned in order to fit the demographics important to your business, setting us apart from other mystery shopping services. You’ll get the information you need to reach your goals and grow your business.

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