Secret Shopping in Ontario: Why you should invest in a Guest Experience Audit

Secret Shopping in Ontario: Why you should invest in a Guest Experience Audit


How can you take your business to the next level?  You do so by understanding what your customer base wants and what make a guest experience excellent.

Investing in a guest experience audit will provide you with an understanding of how you can improve your business so that you stand out from the competition. Secret shopping programs are essentially guest experience audits, a professional and highly trained mystery shopper will undergo the full customer experience at your business and you’ll get the feedback you need to improve your business.


What is a Guest Experience Audit?

A guest experience audit refers to an independent inspection of hospitality businesses and the guest experience. It involves a thorough examination of services provided and a detailed evaluation and report on areas of success and needs improvement.

Auditors are typically matched to a business based on customer demographics and are highly trained experts who allow businesses to see their services through the eyes of a customer.


What are the benefits of a guest experience audit?

Clearly defined customer service goals

You may have a great business model and even better service offerings but if the customer service levels provided don’t match the quality of product and service, they’ll never be recognized or remembered. Your guest experience audit will identify areas in which customer service can be improved and you can set benchmarks for where your customer service offerings need to be.


Greater profitability

You will learn how to reduce the gaps between what the customer wants and what you offer. From the booking process to services included and first impressions, there are so many aspects of a customer’s experience that can affect your ability to be a profitable business. Instead of spending money on attracting new customers, you will learn how to wow your current customers so that word of mouth and online reviews becomes your most powerful sales tool.


Increased productivity

The less time that your employees spend on fixing problems the more productive they are able to be on services that matter. A guest experience audit will allow you to refine your processes, which will help to destress your employees so that they can focus on the guests. Having a defined training program that all employees go through will help you to set business wide standards that ensure productivity and across the board customer service.


What can you do with a guest experience audit?

  • create a guest standards policy
  • focus on areas that need improvement
  • develop a customer service training program reflective of gaps and needs improvement area
  • anticipate problems and concerns and focus on reactive customer service
  • focus on team members who need adjustment



About Braymark

Braymark offers guest experience audits by  Niagara mystery shoppers that are personally recruited and trained by us and are assigned in order to fit the demographics important to your business, setting us apart from other mystery shopping services. You’ll get the information you need to reach your goals and grow your business.

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