Improving Customer Service Experiences in Ontario’s Hospitality Industry

Improving Customer Service Experiences in Ontario’s Hospitality Industry

Successful hospitality properties understand that they are in the business of delivering experiences. While you are selling goods and services it’s the businesses whose employees deliver those goods and services with meaning that always stand above the rest.

The bottom line is that the ability to provide consistently superior customer service experiences gives your Ontario hospitality property the competitive advantage.

Below is our advice on how to start improving customer service experiences within your Ontario hospitality property.


Start by figuring out what your customers want

What does an excellent customer service experience look like to your customers? In order, to answer that question you need to start asking your customers. Encourage employees to engage in conversations about the guests experience, provide opportunities for your guests to fill out surveys and read both the negative and positive customer feedback comments online.

You should also conduct a guest experience audit, this is best accomplished by hiring a mystery shopping company. Mystery shopping allows for focused customer feedback, feedback that identifies your successes and your challenges.


Develop a customer experience program

Once you have identified the areas in which your customer experiences can improve, a plan must be designed in order for your solutions to be implemented. Incorporate business ‘mantras’ or ‘value props’ in the plan that make it easy for employees to identify what behaviour is both appropriate and encouraged. 

Your employees need to think and behave how your management sees a customers experience unfolding. This comes with time and training. All employees need to be trained and retrained through your customer experience program.


Consistently Monitor Customer Experiences

You’ve invested in improving your customer experience levels, now it becomes the best interest for your company to continue to focus and monitor guests satisfaction. This can be done by remaining mindful about customer feedback, by conducting regular employee training sessions and by hiring mystery shoppers to monitor improvements and gaps.


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