Develop a customer service strategy that gets your Niagara hotel noticed

Develop a customer service strategy that gets your Niagara hotel noticed

When you google niagara hotels, the first link to populates is The 10 best Niagara Falls Hotels from TripAdvisor and a few links down is another top 10 list. The Niagara hotels that populate the tops of those lists are the hotels whose customer service reviews are the strongest.

With more and more travellers conducting research before booking a hotel, it has become more important than ever to stand out. One way that a hotel can stand out is by providing the best customer service experience a guest has ever had. Guests who love their stay often become champions of your business and share their recommendations whether it be online or through word of mouth.

Getting noticed for a superior customer service experience starts by developing a customer service strategy that works.


Start by evaluating your current customer service level

Qualitative and quantitative research should be done on your Niagara hotel property, it can be conducted in-house or by a mystery shopping company. Mystery shopping consultants offer you as an owner or manager unbiased research on the true customer service experience. They will identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to guide you to where you can implement improvement measures into your customer service strategy.


The pillars of a smart customer service strategy:

Personalize the experience

Even though many of your customers find you and book your hotel on the internet, it is the personalized interactions during their stay that truly stand out. If your hotel can make the customer feel like they care about their stay and any problems that arise during that stay their customer service experience will be greatly improved.


Make the process of working with your hotel EASY

There is nothing more frustrating for customers, then incompetence. If you want to improve your customers experience, your strategy should be to make things easy for your customers. From booking the hotel to checking in to getting to their rooms and any requests above and beyond. This also extends to the competency of your employees, they should all have thorough knowledge of your hotel and additional products this gives them the power to answer customer questions and problems with authority.


Practice proactivity

Solve problems and answer questions before the customer has the time to be aware of them, that is proactive customer service. To incorporate this kind of conduct into your customer service strategy you will want to identify the most occuring customers problems and questions that exist for your business. Then you’ll need to provide the answers to those questions on your website and equip your team with the knowledge as well.


Train your employees with regularity

Your customer’s experiences are directly related to the staff that they interact with while in your place of business and for that reason alone your staff’s customer service skill must remain top notch.


How Braymark can help

Braymark helps Niagara hotels see their business through the eyes of their customers. Braymark Services’ Niagara mystery shoppers are personally recruited and trained by us and are assigned in order to fit the demographics important to your business, setting us apart from other mystery shopping services. You’ll get the information you need to reach your goals and grow your business.

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