Why build your customer service training programs from secret shopper reports

Why build your customer service training programs from secret shopper reports

Any company that has created a culture of customer service excellence has done so through a custom customer service training program. These businesses truly understand their own customer expectations and have educated their employees to exemplify behaviours that satisfy those expectations

One way that companies uncover the information needed to facilitate an excellent customer service experience is through secret shopper services and their reports.

Below you’ll learn why managers use secret shopper reports to develop custom customer service training programs that allow them to elevate their business and rise above the competition.

Reports help you understand customer expectations

What do customers expect from their stay at your hotel or from their appointment at your spa? How do you ensure that these expectations are met so that your customers leave satisfied and willing to recommend your business to friends and family? The best way to get clear and defined look at your customer’s expectations is from a secret shopper report. Once you have that information you are better able to craft a course curriculum that provides education on how to meet the customer expectations and your customer values as defined in your mystery shopper report.

Reports help you understand your employee satisfaction

One element of a secret shopping companies services is the employee satisfaction survey. This survey helps employers better understand their employees so that they can better engage employees and therefore make a healthy and productive work environment. A secret shopper report will demonstrate where you can iron out common problems and find specific barriers to your employee’s job. Once you know these very important things you can design and implement solutions using your customer service training programs. Smart managers request employee feedback on an ongoing basis, this can be done through anonymous surveys administered through the secret shopping company or through meetings.


What expert customer service training programs look like

An expert customer service training program has structure, substance and educates employees on how to apply customer values on a service level. These expert level programs are built with extensive research and a granular level understanding of what the perfect customer experience looks like in their business. Whether that is from secret shopper reports or other types of research.


A culture of excellence in customer service is only achieved with dedicated training programs that are updated to reflect current business circumstances. Outside guidance allows owners and managers a fresh look at their business and allows for a competitive advantage if the knowledge is adopted.

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