Rethink your guest satisfaction data

Rethink your guest satisfaction data


How do you typically gauge the satisfaction of guests in your hotel or restaurant? Do you rely on a post-stay survey emailed to guests or a comment card following a meal? These can be effective ways to gain a general vision of the level of satisfaction your guests get from visiting your business, but they come up short in couple of ways.

They lack rich data

Traditional surveys usually ask closed-ended questions asking for a numerical rating on the experience and often lack space for in-depth comments about what it was that made the experience good or bad for the guest.

They measure your criteria, not your guests

A traditional comment card is static in the data it is collecting and focuses only on what you think should be measured. While this is still useful data, with changing demographics taking over as guests in hospitality establishments, your comment cards or post-stay surveys might be missing feedback on the elements of a business that are of bigger concern to them – or they could be missing those guests entirely as they aren’t reaching out to them in effective ways.

Start mining for information

Online review sites are becoming the go to places for hospitality businesses to find the data-rich feedback they need to improve the experience and appeal to potential new guests. Online reviews offer free-form structure that allows respondents to speak openly about how your services, amenities or menu items affected their stay. Responding to these reviews is also important – a potential guest will make their decision to visit your business at least in part on how you respond to both positive and negative feedback.

Collect better data

Braymark can help you develop better methods of collecting information about your hospitality business and show you how to best utilize that data with a Guest Experience Audit and our Total Feedback index reporting system. Our mystery shoppers have significant hospitality and service industry experience and are trained and assigned according to your business. With the Total Feedback Index, you’ll have access to your data in real-time and the flexible reporting module allows you to customize your reports and segment the data to relevant staff.

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