How to reward customer loyalty

How to reward customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is incredibly important for any business. Developing and maintaining positive relationships can mean long-term business for your company. Companies cannot exist without loyal customers. It’s much harder to attract new customers than it is to retain previous ones (and as an added bonus when your customers are happy with your service they will become ambassadors of your brand). You should be providing all your customers with exemplary customer service- that should be the very bare minimum. However, you should be looking for ways to convert satisfied customers into loyal customers.

My customers are happy…are they loyal?

A loyal customer is a customer that uses your services more than once; they could be frequently using your hotel, your restaurant or even your grocery store. All of these involve a choice. Why is the customer returning to your specific business? Studies have shown it isn’t just prices- it’s the customer service they receive as well. Customer satisfaction is the most important outcome of any interactions with your business, but it’s not the last step. A satisfied customer does not necessarily become a loyal customer. So how can you turn your customers into loyal customers?

Personalized recognition can go a long way!

Offer your loyal customers personalized attention. What do we mean by this? It doesn’t have to be a large gesture. It could something small, such as sending them birthday or anniversary wishes, showing them that you value them. You should develop ways to determine extra information about your loyal customers. In the hospitality industry, you can determine their likes and dislikes to provide them with personalized attention. Communicate with them often through different mediums, such as a newsletter or through social media, to keep them up-to-date with your company’s news.

Show your customers why they should continue to do business with you

Loyalty cards and special discounts offer a great level of incentive for repeat customers. By developing unique benefits for loyal customers, you are demonstrating to your customers that you appreciate their business- and that you want to reward them for it. The level of discounts or opportunities available to your customers is completely up to you. You can provide something as simple as a “punch card” where your customers receive something for free after purchasing a specific number, a cumulative discounts that they can use the next time they purchase something from your business, or even offer an exclusive, VIP reward card with more opportunities for discounts. What it ultimately comes down to is that you are providing your customers with what they want and you deliver on your promises to them.

Developing loyalty programs gives you the chance to build a good report with your customers and to encourage them to continually use your business. These customers return enthusiastically and are more likely to promote your business, through word of mouth with their friends and family. Are you losing customers or failing to convert them to loyal customers? Contact Braymark today to determine how our Niagara mystery shopper program can determine how best to convert customers into satisfied customers and then into loyal customers.

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