Answer your customer service problems with a secret hotel shopper

Answer your customer service problems with a secret hotel shopper

Customer service is a great tool to use to ensure your customers have the best experience possible as customer touchpoints are ongoing during a hotel stay. Customers aren’t looking for a simple “please” and “thank you” service experience, but rather one that is memorable and unique. Using a secret hotel shopper to give feedback on their experience can give you valuable information on specific customer service qualities.

Mystery shoppers are trained to analyze their experience and give feedback on the level of customer service they receive, giving suggestions that can help raise the bar on your business’ customer service levels. Here’re some questions you may ask when evaluating your customer service levels, and how secret hotel shoppers will provide you the answers with thorough analysis and strategic feedback.

Mapping the customer experience and examining touchpoints

Have you mapped out the typical customer experience and examined the impact from all touchpoints at the front line? Knowing the journey your customer takes during their experience with your business is important in identifying potential opportunities to improve existing customer service.

These touchpoints are also important when looking to enhance your loss prevention strategies as customers are usually lost due to a specific touchpoint that didn’t meet their expectations. A secret hotel shopper will pay close attention to every customer touchpoint and can provide the guest experience audit needed to analyze and enhance your customer service.


Gain competition feedback from a secret hotel shopper

Why does a customer invest their time and money with you instead of your competitor? What does your competition do that you can learn from? Gathering information about your competition is great for establishing where your business fits in the market. Mystery shoppers can provide you with a breakdown of your competitive strengths and weaknesses.

The data they provide can give you the opportunity to find pain points customers experience with competitors and use them to differentiate yourself from them. Happy customers are loyal customers, so try to keep them happy and beat out your competition.


Revising policies and processes

What policies or processes stand in the way of delivering amazing customer service, and can they be removed? There may be some customer service methods that aren’t necessarily working as well as you may think and sometimes an external perspective on your performance is needed to discover this.

A secret hotel shopper will help keep your employees on their toes and ensures they’re performing policies and processes up to standard, so findings made by mystery shoppers are usually relevant to what the company is implementing. Secret hotel shoppers can also take the data they’ve collected and use it to frame new training methods to ensure policies and processes are at par with customer expectations.


Hospitality mystery shopping companies can provide you with the tools needed to critically evaluate your business’ customer service performance. There are many questions you can ask yourself, but secret hotel shoppers are the external answer to your business’ customer service problems, and Braymark can point you in the right direction.

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