Top customer service skills identified by mystery shoppers

Top customer service skills identified by mystery shoppers

As a business, you’re always looking for ways to improve your customer relationships with the end goal of customer retention. One of the best ways you can do this is to improve customer service. You want to leave a lasting impression on customers and give them a feel-good experience. Your level of customer service determines how customers perceive your brand and their take-away’s from the experience.

Sure, you may already have strong customer relationships, but nowadays the companies that maintain their competitive advantage are the ones that always look to improve their brand with customer service at the forefront. Mystery shoppers are a great tool when you want an unbiased analysis of your customer service skills.

Mystery shoppers have identified essential skills needed for successful customer service performance. These skills are transferable, but not static. Use these skills to enhance your brand and customers’ experience.  


Step into your customer’s shoes

Empathy is arguably one of the most beneficial skills to utilize when looking to enhance guest experiences. Understanding your customer’s standpoint and knowing how to handle all types of customers with the same level of service is important for the customers experience and when it’s that face that the customer thinks of when they think of your brand.

Mystery shoppers find this trait to be honed over time and one that can erode over time for people that have been in the industry a while. Empathy can help your loss prevention strategies as you can use this skill to win the trust of even the most dissatisfied customers.


Clarity in communication

Clarity helps ensure your customer and you are on the same page while also having a big impact on your bottom line. Being able to listen is a key skill to have for any interaction, being able to clearly convey your message both verbally and written to a customer can go a long way in ensuring exceptional customer service.

Being cautious about how you communicate with your customer is something good customer service entails. Mystery shoppers are quick to point out that many times a miscommunication with a customer can result in a bad experience along with lost business further down the road and potential negative word-of-mouth. Always make sure the customer is satisfied before ending a conversation.


Customer service with patience

Great service beats fast service, and being patient is a huge part of ensuring you’re great. Customers often reach out to the business when they’re confused or frustrated, so taking your time when addressing the problem can help you better understand how you can help along with needs for the company to ensure this same experience doesn’t happen again.

A lack of patience prevents you from maximizing your customer service output, lowering the overall standard of your brand. Understanding how to manage your emotions in healthy, productive ways, can help you reduce stress levels when performing and ensure customers enjoy their experience with you.


For your team to provide an effective and authentic customer experience, they need to be well trained and confident. Empower your teams with the training and skills they need to succeed and it will directly transform the quality of service you are able to offer. Connect with Braymark to learn more about mystery shopping opportunities in Ontario. 

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