5 spa industry trends affecting the customer service experience

5 spa industry trends affecting the customer service experience

The spa industry has seen immense growth over the last five years, both in terms of customers and professionals that are choosing to work in the industry. One of the main reasons for this continual growth in popularity is due to spas beginning to encompass medical-centric practices along with traditional spa therapies. The number one reason people visit spas is still for stress relief and relaxation, and the customer service experience is a great facilitator to ensure this happens. Along with customer service, knowing the trends in the industry can help your business adapt and understand what customers are looking for when they are coming into your spa.


Growth in medical wellness

Consumers are shifting more towards wellness and preventative health (as opposed to pampering). Incorporating med-spa procedures into prevention treatments and services will help you better meet customer expectations and will ultimately drive a more collaborative approach with the health and medical industries. The preventative health segment has the largest upside for potential growth.


The uber-izing of another industry

Just like most industries, customers are looking for the digital answer to their problems. If you’re looking for an after-hours massage in the comfort of your own home, a last minute manicure, blowout, or personal trainer session, apps are all available for you. Technology is also growing more prevalent in the industry for online bookings, alerts for last minute spa deals etc. Ensuring your business is mobile and technologically innovative can help enhance guest experiences.  


Emphasis on the customer service experience

Customers are now more than ever concerned about the full spa experience and if you’re not quick to adapt the easy access to alternatives makes your competition that much scarier. Placing more emphasis on standards and best practices through customer service training programs can help meet consumer demands. Consumers are tilting away from what is trendy and looking at the tangible results as more time is spent in the spa to enhance their experience.


Spa & Wellness for kids

Poor diets, constant stress and hours in front of screens are taking their toll on kids and their is a growing trend for more mindfulness and meditation in schools. Kid-focused yoga classes, massages for toddlers, wellness-centric family vacations, or just an emphasis on more organic, healthier eating habits are all opportunities parents are taking advantage of in hopes of enhancing their children’s lifestyles.


Seeking value in the experience

With the economy still suffering, value-added services are always a nice touch for consumers. Discounts and specials on services are an important touch to getting spa-goers interested and once at your business giving them the full customer service experience is great to enhance your customer retention strategy. New and innovative promotions are continually coming to the fore that focus on creating a half-day or full-day experience.

These are some of the trends in the spa industry that have affected customer relations in 2016. By understanding these trends you can better shape your business with strategies that can attract customers even with their shifting demands. Braymark is the best secret shopper company for this job as we can provide you with the customer service experience audit necessary for change. Once you’re aware of the customer service areas your business can improve on you can enhance guest experiences and loss prevention strategies.

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