How a hotel mystery shopper can help build brand loyalty

How a hotel mystery shopper can help build brand loyalty

Building brand loyalty takes more than social media contests and rewards programs. Although these are great tools to encourage customer engagement, you also need a system in place when customers come to your hotel that can enhance guest experiences and increase customer retention. Hotel brands build loyalty today by providing a personalized experience with tools such as engagement and appreciation.

There are many ways brands can build loyalty in the hotel industry, and a hotel mystery shopper can help point out what aspects you’re fulfilling and which ones you could improve to further build loyalty. These are a few ways brands can build loyalty and how mystery shoppers can evaluate and provide feedback on your customer service skills.


Connect with your customers

Customers are always looking for the best experience when staying at a hotel and are willing to switch fairly easily given the low switching costs. Ensuring you are always connected with your customers is a great way to build brand loyalty. Customers want a brand that is humanized and that they feel they are appreciated by. By being present at all touch points during their experience you can increase customer satisfaction and make them feel that you are easily accessible whenever needed.

Hotel mystery shoppers are a great method to use when measuring your brand’s connectedness with customers. Mystery shoppers can critically analyze each customer touchpoint and see where improvements can be made. Staying connected with your customers throughout their stay is also a great addition to your loss prevention strategies.


Measure quality with a hotel mystery shopper

Quality is an important trait to measure and maintain as customers are loyal to brands that are consistent. Your hotel’s price range is set in a specific part of the industry’s market and because of this customers will have a certain set of expectations when staying. Be sure to keep your quality at the highest of those expectations and keep consistent to provide excellent customer service. Keeping your brand’s promise to customers and showing that you care by exceeding quality expectations can further enhance brand loyalty.

Quality isn’t always easy to measure internally, and customers can sometimes misinterpret the extent of quality that your brand should be providing. That’s where hotel mystery shoppers come in. They have the industry standards available to them to help measure your quality standards and can also use your competition’s quality measurements as a comparison when evaluating yours.


Know their wants, anticipate their needs

Rather than selling to your customers, focus on what they want and what their needs are. After you’ve ensured to maximize their current guest experience, you know they’ll be looking to what’s next. Offering them the additional value in returning to your brand can help build loyalty as they’ll be more enticed to return. Incentives and programs are a good way to help encourage these customers to come back and build on the relationships you built from their first visit.

A hotel mystery shopper can help you map out the customer experience and see where expectations may shift or be opportunities. Gathering the data can better help you see what customers want from your brand and how you can enhance your brand for them to build brand loyalty.


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