A spa’s online presence and customer experience

A spa’s online presence and customer experience

Spa's online presence

There is no question that the first place potential clients look for a new spa is online. Research from a variety of sources indicate that between 80% and 95% of people search online before making a purchase decision about a wide range of products and services, including health and wellness. If your spa isn’t marketing itself properly online, it’s going to be difficult to grow your business and reach your goals. Here are some ways your online presence affects guest experience and some tips for helping your spa stand out online and reach new clients.

Where are you?

If you type your business into Google and don’t come up on the first page of results, you’re not going to bring potential clients through the door. According to SearchEngineJournal.com, 75% of users never go past the first page of results on Google. If you’re not showing up, it’s time to bring in some Search Engine Optimization to improve your results.

Your site should reflect your business

What does the online face of your spa look like? Is it representative of the culture, ambience, and style of your professional salon or spa? Your site should accurately represent your business and should indicate what clients can expect when they book your services. It should be informative, engaging and easy to use, especially if users can book online. If you’re keeping up with the current spa trends, it should reflect that to users to let them know that you offer the services they want.

It’s also important to make sure your site is functional on mobile devices. With growing smartphone and tablet usage, especially among Millenials, your site should be easy to use while on the go and on a smaller screen.

Respond to what clients are saying

We’ve mentioned a few times how important it is to listen and respond to online reviews, and for good reason. Make a point of checking review sites that your spa is showing up on and take the time to respond to both the good and bad feedback in a professional way. Your interaction with reviewers goes a long way to increasing the reputation your business has and will help to overcome any hesitation potential clients feel by showing that you genuinely care about their experience.

Be social

If it isn’t already there, get your spa or salon on social media. Social media is quickly becoming a major tool for discovering new businesses. Keep the branding consistent across all platforms and encourage your existing clients to interact to help spread the word that you’re open for business. Post content regularly and make sure it is relevant to both existing and new guests.

How your spa looks and markets itself to new clients is a big part of seeing your business through the eyes of a customer. A customer’s perspective reviews not only the operation of the business, but also the impression it makes on potential clients. Your online presence is the first impression most clients will get and if it isn’t working, your business won’t be either.

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