Mystery shopping programs in Ontario’s hospitality industry

Mystery shopping programs in Ontario’s hospitality industry

Mystery shopping is a service that has been around for decades, dating back to the 1930’s. Today, it’s a $1.5-billion-a-year production, with a large chunk of that being travel-based. Mystery shopping programs are used among hotel brands around the world, and are critical to better understanding the customer’s point of view and increasing profit levels for your business. Hospitality mystery shopping companies collect the data that can tell you exactly what is or isn’t happening at your business and where it can be improved to enhance guest experiences.

Here are some reasons why your business should utilize mystery shopping programs and stay one step ahead of your competition.


Feedback mystery shopping

Guests who take the time to fill out comment cards tend to be the ones that either had a wonderful visit or a really terrible one, leaving the majority of guest experiences unaccounted for. That’s where mystery shopping services come in. By providing the unbiased, objective information from their reports, mystery shoppers provide managers the chance to pinpoint and correct service deficiencies.


Improving customer experiences

The work done by mystery shoppers can help contribute to the growth of your company and improving customer service. Management can use the data to help refine levels of service to maximize your competitive advantages, along with training efforts to reinforce top notch service and correct weaknesses wherever they may be. Improving customer service experiences can help your brand image and encourage customers to return more frequently and spread positive word-of-mouth.


Understand and enhance the employee side

Mystery shoppers help keep your employees on their toes and ensure a higher level of customer service. Internal control observations in every report can strengthen vulnerabilities and weed out the dishonest employees. Hospitality mystery shopping companies help confirm the integrity of your employees, procedures, and safety issues. They can also provide insight to employee interaction when management is not present and how staff attitudes positively or negatively affect your business. Customers interactions with your employees contribute to their overall experience, and ensuring employees are aligned with your brand can go a long way.  


Mystery shopping programs can help you understand how your business is running as a whole, and help you meet the changing needs of your company and customers. Standards are always being raised, and improving customer service experiences should be a primary objective of your company.

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