Mystery Shopping Top 10: What your customers LOVE!

Mystery Shopping Top 10: What your customers LOVE!


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We surveyed our shoppers for the top 10 things they’ve found impressive and… well not so impressive while shopping.

Top 10 things that impress guests

  1. Being made to feel like we are long awaited friends upon entering the hotel/restaurant.
  2. Having our name remembered and used in conversation.
  3. Hearing the smile in the person’s voice when ordering room service or making a phone reservation.
  4. An associate who is confident in their knowledge of all products and services provided by the establishment and who offer the upgrades without being prompted.
  5. When the service you are expecting/paying for, exceeds your expectations.
  6. Neat, clean, and professional appearance of the staff and facilities.
  7. A sincere thank you.
  8. When the washrooms get as much attention as the foyer.
  9. When associates handle changes or special requests with kindness and respect.
  10. Surprises. Things that were out of the ordinary… The mint/rose on the bed; the extra scoop of ice cream on the dessert; wireless service; more TV stations than at home.

Top 10 Things that do not impress guests

  1. Employees who forget that many customers are not familiar with the establishment at all – and fail to explain the layout of the building or various options available to them.
  2. Body language that says,” don’t ask me anything!”
  3. Hearing personal conversations between workers that makes me feel like an intruder.
  4. When bad service is recieved and no apology or attempt is made to correct the error/service.
  5. Overzealous up-selling.
  6. An untidy appearance of the service provider.
  7. Long waits without explanation.
  8. Uncleanliness and poorly maintained facilities
  9. NO EXTRA’s …just plain old boring service…just what we expected…or less, for more than we paid last time!
  10. In busy situations, employees who quickly run through their ‘speech’ so fast it is hard to understand them.

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