Own Your Customer Service

Own Your Customer Service


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Though Canada was supposed to be the only G8 country that was to marginally escape a recession, we’re in it now! The thing about recessions is they cause smart businesses to pause and analyze what they are doing well and what they are not doing so well.
One of the hallmarks of this analysis is to take a good long look at how well you are servicing your customers. So how do you do this?

1. Ask them how well you are doing.

Surveys are one way, on-site visits another way. Both can be highly effective.

2. Look for trends in your stats.

If you are not trending customer feedback you are missing significant data that can assist you in your renewed customers service efforts.

3. Take action.

Once you have this information create an action plan and stick to it. Your persistence in providing excellent service in a downturn will create the desired culture that will only boom in the high times.
With these simple steps you will be able to facilitate a growth opportunity and ignite positive change for your company. When a smart business owner commits to being better, doing more and growing responsibly, the world is their oyster.

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Brad Moyer is a serial entrepreneur by nature, unafraid to seize opportunity and create companies that solve problems. His first such endeavour was a graphic design business at the age of 16, and his early start set the pace for a career of innovation. Brad has since created and sold enterprise level businesses in the software industry, all while maintaining his community focus and being a family man. In his time away from the office Brad is a Referee for Volleyball Canada, coaches volleyball and sits on the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee. He is intimately familiar with the challenges and triumphs of business ownership, made evident in the precise and specific nature of the reporting software and survey content employed in the Braymark portfolio of services.


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