Top Spa Trends for 2014

Top Spa Trends for 2014


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We might be mid-way through the year, but it’s always a good time to have a refresher on the top trends we’re seeing in the industries Braymark serves. Here’s what we’re currently seeing in the spa industry:

Personalized Wellness

Consumers are more educated than ever about the products and services they purchase. This trend applies significantly in the spa industry as people become more educated about the treatments and products they use on themselves. Spas are still about pampering individuals, but many are now taking on a “wellness” approach to the services they provide and offering personalized services to meet the specific requirements of their guests.

Turning Back the Clock

With the growing wellness trend, we’ve also seen the growth of “medi-spas” that help their clients maintain a youthful appearance, to work in conjunction with the healthy and active lifestyles they’ve been adopting to extend the quality of life as people continue to live longer.

Mental Wellness

This trend has been appearing on a larger scale in spa holidays, but could also have an impact on smaller day spas as well. People are finding themselves working harder than ever via constant connectedness and have little opportunity to slow down. Spas are becoming mindful of this trend and introducing services that help to renew the mind as much as the body, such as yoga, meditation, and life coaching services. These holistic practises are exceptionally helpful in managing client stress and allowing them to relax.

Food and diet

A person’s well-being can be impacted by their diet and spas that offer food with their services are helping by introducing healthier options that are as nutritious as they are tasty and enjoyable. Often, these spas are sending the client home with recipes to continue the healthy practices at home.

These are just a few trends that we’ve seen that apply directly to both larger travel spas and smaller day spas. Spa owners and managers can take note and start applying some of these trends in their own establishments to not only attract new clients, but retain their current ones, exciting them with new offerings that are personalized and help improve their lives. Braymark can also help you identify trends in your spa with a guest experience audit that will help assess the overall quality of the experience and identify opportunities for revenue and growth that you may not have noticed before.

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